Training with Jay

Jay’s personal training schedule is intense, so when he trains with others he is passing along knowledge implemented through proven techniques. He trains with Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies supporting in-service training and accreditation. He primarily follows the training regimens from Eric Grauffel as well as Universal Shooting Academy.

Here are some comments from people that have worked with him…

“I learned more in one afternoon with Jay than I did in two years of study on my own. I cringe when I think of the thousands of dollars in ammo and the hundreds of hours I spent on the range trying to learn what Jay taught me in a day” – J

“My husband and I got a peek into what it looks like to be one of the top marksmen in the world. A training session with Jay is like a visit with a great composer who plays the piano and then clearly explains how he hits the keys. Jay emphasizes smart training, not just number of rounds fired. In one session, we progressed from inexperienced to competent shooters.” – T.S.

“Jay is an example that passion plus desire can create a champion. We are lucky enough to have him want to pass on his road map of how to do the same.” B.

“Jay brings CEO-level experience to the shooting sports…it’s astonishing to watch how fast his students improve and dominate in local matches. If a shooter finishes in the top 5 in a New England area match, It’s a pretty safe bet he trained with Jay!” – J

“I went to Jay for training unsure of how I could improve my shooting. He immediately noticed some things I could improve on and helped me fix them – my shooting has dramatically improved.” – M.L.

“… Jay takes the time to look at what you are doing and provide specific immediate feedback that you can apply to improve your  performance…explains topics clearly and demonstrates them purposefully. Everything from continuous reinforcement of basic fundamentals to advanced subjects such as position entry and setup which were a big breakthrough for me personally and totally changed the way I looked at stage planning.” –S

“One of my favorite parts is that we focus on the biggest bang for the buck. He is very aware that of all the limits that there are around training — often time is the most scarce. I enjoy training with Jay and having simple take aways from each training session.”– B