10th place ranking in the world – Steel Challenge

This past week was the Steel Challenge World Shoot in Florida and was excited to come away with a 10th place in the world ranking (below). My first World Shoot match and second Steel Challenge match.

About the Sport
Steel Challenge is the fastest shooting sport in the world – it’s related but not the same as the core shooting that I do called IPSC. In Steel Challenge you shoot 8 pre-defined stages each with 5 steel plates arranged differently from 10-35 yards. The sport is dominated by a cadre of pro’s who have been shooting this discipline for most of their lives.

2013 National Ranking – 8th
2013 World Ranking – 10th

Whats Next ?
Now back to our regularly scheduled program training for the US IPSC Nationals in September on the West Coast…


USPSA Area 1 Master Open Class Champion

In the marksmanship sport im involved in, the U.S. is divided into 8 regions and Area 1 is the region that encompasses the Northwestern states including, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada. And each region has a major tournament.

The Video is at: