Action Pistol Workout™

I started shooting IPSC/USPSA in July 2009 and I weighted 205 lbs. – a leftover from 10 years in the corporate world. 9 months later I weighed 154 lbs. I coupled together the conditioning with helping me get to Master shooter ranking in 2 years. Does it work ? Do you need conditioning to shoot well ? Yah, it does and yah we do.My trainers and shooting coaches know the workout and they love it – maybe you will as well. The workout is in its third evolution and we’re getting smarter about it each month.

I’m at the trainers’ 2-4x/week throughout the year on average. My trainer knows which shooting skills im working on for each match and we incorporate that into each exercise. The gym is a private gym in the Boston area that specializes in professional athletes . Each session starts with a 30 minute warm-up which culminates with a 6 minute mile run on the treadmill at a 1.0 incline. After that the fun begins. The workouts consist of circuit training with a heavy dose of movement and strength combined in each circuit – 3 exercise reps per circuit and then moving on to another circuit that specializes on a movement/core work area that is important to shooting. Here is an example of a circuit that would be repeated three times:

• Single-leg hop – 6 reps each leg
• Plank row and reach – 6 reps each arm, increase weight 5 lbs. each run-through
• 3×50 run – 3 reps

Here’s a 1:00 minute video of that circuit:

Pretty cool huh ? Whats going on in the background ? That’s an NFL player sweating it out. Now each of these exercises individually are not that hard to do but when you circuit them up and do each one after the other – you’re spent!

I’ve developed over 55 individual exercises like the above not including the standard bench pressing, curling and all that. Totally spent when done. I dare you…