About Jay

Jay lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts with his wife and three children.  Jay founded several companies during his professional career and his most recent one Fortelligent, is a provider of the leading computer software analyzing customer on-line activity. The software has several patents on inventions in data analytics, was founded in 2001 and acquired in 2005 by WPP (NASDAQ – WPPGY) one of the world’s largest media and branding companies. Jay was President and CEO of the acquired entity and an executive with WPP from the acquisition through his planned retirement in May, 2011 when he began focusing on a full-time action pistol shooting career. Jay was new to handgun shooting and it caught his eye when he happened to watch a local tournament in Foxoboro, Massachusetts in the winter of 2009. He was bitten by the shooting bug and started training. In the summer of 2009 he was an unclassified D-level shooter. Rising about 1-2 classes per year he reached Grandmaster (the top rank in the sport) in the spring of 2013. But that is just where the work starts, as they say. Rising through the ranks as a GM is like going from a B+ in school to and A+ — just as much work as getting to GM in the first place. The journey continues…


  • Co-author of 4 Patents covering predictive analytical systems for the Web    
  • MBA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997    
  • BSBA, Boston University, 1991    
  • New England Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and formerly of Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO)   
  • Formerly with Mercer Management Consulting (now Oliver Wyman), a global strategy consulting firm