Jay is a competitor on the IPSC/USPSA/Steel Challenge circuits. These are fast-paced action pistol disciplines where you compete in an obstacle-style course, running and shooting – your accumulated points and time are used to determine your ranking. Originally developed to practice defensive handgun techniques it is now the fastest shooting discipline in the world.

Jay comes from an unusual background for a professional shooter, having completed a business career first. This maturity creates an interesting perspective on how to compete and win.

In the 5 years that Jay has been competing he has won numerous events, traveling world-wide to compete.

In the 5 divisions that comprise practical shooting, Jay primarily competes in the Open (or fully modified) division. Here fractions of a second are critical so movement, balance, speed, and accuracy are the primary skills that are needed.

Latest News

HOA in Western MA

See the video for the HOA 2015 Mass Classic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JfRtu2ZhxcRead More

Close Match in South Carolina

Close match in South Carolina, finishing 81 points behind Clint UpchirchRead More

Win in the south

Always a good time in Virginia... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-dFP7c9iRU&list=UUVSYz7nu-dU_dTb8iInuIJw Read More


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